Our Process

Based on our Expertise, we combine our compassion for our clients with a no-nonsense financial education approach. This allows our clients to understand their current financial resources and what financial decisions may impact those resources. Ultimately, we assist our clients in making appropriate changes that result in them obtaining their financial goals


Concepts & Strategy


Review / Adjust

1st Visit

During our first visit we will work with the client to identify current requirements, future goals and concerns. With our client's approval and assistance, we will then gather pertinent financial information, assess risk, and analyze the data to outline a roadmap for our relationship.

2nd Visit

During our next visit we will outline our recommended financial plan, which will include any appropriate changes to the client's current financial outlook. This will allow us to meet the client's goals. Within the plan, we will also establish techniques to address advanced planning inclusive of healthcare, tax, and estate strategy planning.

3rd Visit

We will execute the agreed upon plan by accomplishing any relevant documentation/ applications.

Other Visits

We will continue to communicate on a regular basis both in person and electronically. We will monitor the plan's progress in order to address adjustments to the implemented strategies.